Saturday, January 6, 2018

To the Church, The Body of Christ

The new year has started out 
And not exempt of trouble throughout the country, and the world. It's hard not to focus on it all when social media reminds us every day. 

And although not serious, we personally have our fair share of difficulties at the present. 

I don't share this to alert anyone to do anything-except to pray... and even fast, for friends, family, country and the world. God has provided for all of our needs according to His riches in glory! And for that I am thankful.

But there is trouble in the forecast of 2018. 

We recently had a snow storm "bomb out" over us here on the east coast, creating a foot of snow at the shore. And it had me thinking about what most of us do to prepare for an impending storm here in the northeast. We rush to the store to get what we need "just in case" we are stranded and can't get out for a few days. Which is a bit funny where I live, because most of us are no further than a 5 minute drive from a supermarket, and the snow is TYPICALLY plowed on main roads and quickly melts within a day or two when temps rise.

We know how to prepare for snow, but what about the storm that surrounds us every day? 

The climate around the world is unstable, and trouble is all around. There are unseen princes and principalities at hand whose single minded purpose is to take out the body of Christ... but we have a salvation far greater than their weapons. It's both our offense and our defense. 

The Name of Jesus. Use it. Pray. 

As the trouble around us "bombs out" we need to use the same intensity (even MORE!) that we have when running to buy bread, milk, and eggs at the grocery store. Not to panic, but to ready yourself.

We need to be passionate about our responsibility to pray. It's our job as the Body of Christ! The Church!

Hope has a Name, His Name is JESUS

-He gives life, love, friendship, HOPE, health, salvation
-He is the giver of ALL good things
-He gives us what we need
-He promises never to leave His children begging for bread
-He brings warmth for the cold hearted
-He heals what is sick, and fixes what is broke
-He makes the old new and fresh
-He teaches the humble and lifts up the lowly
-He gives a name to the nameless, His Name!

And no matter what we face on this side of eternity, He promises a better forever.

I believe it
Hope has a Name - His Name is Jesus

Join me in fasting and praying for the next 2 weeks and lets see how God's hand will move!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Night Post

Have you ever wanted to freeze a moment in time? I feel that way right now. Summer Friday nights in 2017 are going down in Fithian history as family pool nights. Maybe it's no big deal to most, but I know my heart will yearn for these treasured moments, as they fade like a vapor in the wind. So I'm documenting it. The smiles, the whines, the laughs, the fun! It will rush by so fast, replaced by the next necessary phase of life and growth. I'm surrounded by blessings in disguise and I'm now old enough to understand that I can't take it for granted. I think I took it all for granted in the past. And I regret that.  I feel this way when I'm with the grand-boys too. I treasure those moments more then anything. It all passes so fast. And I want something to hold on to.

So here I am journaling in my blog. Once again
Evan asked, "you have a blog?"   
me, "yes I have a blog"
Evan, "Who reads it"..... response... "lol me!"
It's hard to have anyone read your blog when you never write in it. 

I never write in my blog anymore. And I'm missing documenting all these moments in time. Like, look at this dog! Just a few months ago I could hold her in my arms and carry her from room to room... not any more! and she has lost her baby look. I love her so much. She's a handful but I love her. If I had a bigger yard I would get another one! Maybe next year! We have been praying about a move. Anyone want to buy a house?

 We've had birthdays and milestones and the end of school. 

And Arielle!!!

Arielle put on a dress! and is moving into her own apartment! It is bittersweet in my heart. The road was rocky at times, more then I'd like to talk about. But here we are on the other side. Completely. Moving day is tomorrow. She will only be a few towns away...

 And this young lady, I love her so much. She is a treasure. I pray for her heart. She's been with us for 2 years and still guards her heart. But she is so joyful. See's the silver lining in everything.

In Everything!

And here they are before the Daddy Daughter Ball 
She snuggles with Daddy, he reads to her every night. But to hear the words "I love you", and mean it from her heart is the what is most wanted, and needed, for all hearts involved.

She cherishes her Daddy, the day is coming, I know it!

Good night family

Sunday, November 20, 2016

New Season

We are heading into a new season, already. Officially the winter season doesn't begin until December something, but Thanksgiving is this week and then fast-forward to Christmas... 

Life seasons have changed as well, haven't they? 


God is Good <3

As believers, we say it all the time, but do we truly believe He is good? I've questioned all the "bad" going on around me, everyday, worldwide. And the innocent suffering troubles me most - why does it happen? I don't believe God damns an innocent individual, regardless of race or religion or sex etc. But this world and the sin that often encompasses free will, was damned at the fall of man.

One Choice

One poor choice

that continues to ring through-out time, has planted a seed of death. But...

God is Good <3
And He is Eternal

I tend to view life through my limited fleshly existence. In order for me to see anything deeper I need to get beyond my flesh, beyond the demands on my life. Beyond aches and pains, Beyond all that is temporary. And focus on the Jesus part of my being

My spirit.

And since the world is perishing all that is in the world is perishing with it. So my choice, everyday, is to choose Jesus, choose righteousness, choose good works - to be the 

Hands and Feet of Jesus

And to clothe myself in His Glory!

I still don't understand suffering but I know this life is all but a "spit in the ocean" compared to eternity. It doesn't last. Until the day of my final breath I will work to make someone else's life less painful, less hurtful, less unbearable, in the Name of Jesus. And only by His Name can I do it.

Make me a vessel, a container to fill
And pour into me Your Holy Will
Overflow, flood, Your Oil and Wine
May it flow into others and pass across time
Pierce into the heart what is strange and absurd
Your anointing, Your anointing, Your Holy Word

God You are everywhere - I pray Your Word reaches throughout the world, into the remote protected hearts of all men and women and children. Come Lord Jesus - pour out Your Spirit. Show us truth. Help Your church to release old ideas of men and religion and receive a fresh revelation of You.

God, You are good
And You are eternal

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Young Warrior

A couple weeks ago I went on a field trip with my son Evan's 5th grade class. As you can see below, he is the only boy in a class of 7. In the beginning I wasn't sure how this would work out but he went from being lonely, nervous, and combative to being happy and excited to go to school.

Making friends was never easy for him. Well, actually, when he let himself, he made friends pretty easy. But fear ruled his heart early on in life. And making a friend meant the possibility of losing a friend. We prayed, and consulted counsel, and prayed more. He had always been a nervous child. At age one he was hyper-aware of EVERYTHING. Anxious attachment. Never wanted me out of his sight. Controlling. Even at one.

But I did see glimpses of healing, little by little.

When he first came home I spent 2 years, every Sunday, in the church nursery, just so that primal memory trigger of being abandoned would not rear it's ugly head. I fed him bottles much longer than I would have if he had been born from my womb, and I held him close to my body making sure to make eye contact. Eye contact was, and still is difficult for him.

The past 10 years has been a journey for us all. This story is theirs to tell one day. Evan is definitely an over-comer. And lately, I've watched him fall in love with learning. Growing in grace and knowledge of his potential in Christ! He can "see" he is good at something and it has built confidence. 

His current class has been an answer to prayer. These kids are the BEST! and I'm so glad to see Evan thriving.

So as we walked the streets of old city Philadelphia, I couldn't help but think this...

...To take hold of trust, is to let go of fear. You can't have both. One or he other will rule in your heart.

And when the road to liberty is difficult, the battle won becomes that much sweeter.

My Young Warrior is my hero. I'm so proud of him.

Enjoy the photos of Philly!
Washington Square was once used as a "potters field" in the 1800's

Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier

Below is the Betsy Ross House

There were names and occupations of patriots on the ground outside of the information center... What exactly is a "gentleman" occupation haha. 

Great Day!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Summer Gone...

Summer, I can't believe you are gone. Why did you race by so fast? I wasn't finish with you yet! Although, we did some pretty awesome things together, and memories where made, you obviously moved on. 

You're absence reminds me that life moments together need to be lived and loved hard.
And husbands, moms, friends, etc, need to be held close and loved hard.

And those noisy, sometimes annoying, littles need to be chased down and heart hugged and loved hard... 
because the moment you get busy and look away, those used-to-be littles enter the world of adolescence and will begin to run somewhere else...
 and that same "too busy" moment you thought you could make up later, never comes. 

So thank you summer for these moments. 

I pray during this new emerging season we don't miss those new moments to live, hug, and love hard, make new friendships, and enjoy the fresh opportunities to make lifetime memories. 

OC 2016

Can't believe Micah is 4.... my love

2 more Loves... Poppop and Aaron

In desperate need of a real pool!

Asher made a wish and Make A Wish granted it! A brand new heated pool! 

Family Vacation to Myrtle Beach!

Me and my girls!

Mom and Jim, so glad they came too!

The newest beach baby Benjamin!

They look so grown up!

Two of my beautiful daughters
Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe

Building their own remote control cars

Doing "Princess" right!

A spontaneous trip to Monticello

My Love

Crazy Crew

Mr Jefferson with some of my favorite peeps

Sporting her birthday bunny slippers

Happy Birthday to amazing Arielle

First Day of School for Asher 2016

First Day of School for Evan too!