Monday, December 30, 2013

onward and upward

I remember when we first brought home our youngest from Haiti. He was almost 3 and walked very "gingerly". He didn't know how to run. I don't blame the orphanage, they took good care of him. I'm sure it was the pain from sickle cell disease that kept him from walking, and running with the other kids.

But after some time with good medication, healing, lots of prayer, and LOTS of ROOM to run, he started with a small gallop. With practice,  he was soon running. Once he had that room to run he took off!

When you give a child room, he learns to run!

That had me thinking recently, how we limit ourselves from really running with the gifts and talents God gave us. We allow pain and hardships to keep us planted in bitter soil. Branches begin to sprout that are distorted and sick. And we never really grow,  never running, because our roots are anchored in pain.

I have prayed for all my children, to direct them, guild them, show them that they CAN RUN... and not only run, but FLY above all the world has given them. Above abandonment, pain, suffering, loneliness, and no future. The world gave them no reason to be born... BUT... God is the reason they

Show them their wings Lord, Teach them to

When you give a child room,
he learns to run;
When you give him wings,
He will Fly!
And every good parent wants their children to reach their highest potential.
But have we, as their teachers, found our own wings?
Are we Flying the way God had intended us to?
Have we risen above abandonment, pain, suffering,
loneliness, and no future?
Teach us all Lord to soar above adversity and injustice. To soar above selfishness and the desire to pity oneself. To soar with confidence...
Confidence in Christ
Knowing life has a purpose and a meaning, Our Life. When we let go of those old limbs, those old branches, those old lies and ideas; and allow God to cut them away... then we truly will soar. We can never go back to them because they are no longer there. Gone!
The only place to go is Onward and Upward
Toward the very place God created for us.
Onward and Upward
When given room, I learn to run
When given wings, fly to the Son
Take what is broke, make it whole
Release the pain within this soul
Cutting limbs where there's no peace
Distorted ideas now release
I see GLORY in Your Name
My Spirit Flight to where You Reign
Onward and Upward

Monday, December 2, 2013


 Learning to be faithful in a hard place becomes a huge treasure chest full of wisdom that can be drawn from throughout life... if you choose to.