Thursday, February 6, 2014

Part III - And Done :)



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This time I'm really NOT going to bore you with details... It was a typical Christmas, fill with family, food, sharing, love, presents and the love of Jesus Christ. I Love sharing that with my current brood of babies.

E asked for his blog name to be Flipper or Flip for short haha!

And the one below wants the bloggy name Tiger LOL!
 I think L was showing us his gift from Uncle Brad... not sure but I think it's a gift certificate to somewhere... 

We will need to come up with a suitable bloggy name for him as well....

New Shirt for Moo Moo!
 No Words....

The Princess!

Spiderman fan!
 I found eco friendly glass drink bottles with beautiful scripture.  I'm so happy that my beautiful daughter in law Melissa was equally excited :)
My Son Brad and wife Melissa
My daughter Amy and her husband David

Amy and son (grandson Moo Moo)

 The day after Christmas T came in from California. T is David's daughter.
 We made a date to make some cookies and have some more fun :)
Moo Moo really go into it!

T and L loving each other! She will be here again during Easter vacation!

 It was a fun day!

More to come!

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