Wednesday, February 12, 2014

who are we really....

I remember a Bible study I went to years ago. We were studying I Corinthians 13:4-8, the Love Chapter. You probably know it... "Love is patient, love is kind"... etc (Read it yourself here). 
And I was reminded, once again, during my morning Bible devotions with the little ones what I learned that day.
When we replace "Love" with the name "Jesus" in these verses, you get a perfect picture of who He is.
Now read I Corintians 3:4-8  again and replace the word "love" with your own name.
That's who we're supposed to be.
Who we are becoming.
As we look to Jesus, as we seek Him everyday, we are
 to be the very image of Christ! Being transformed daily from Glory to Glory!
Lord, may I always put You before me - first. Be my everything - because I need you. As I look to You, shine Your mercy upon me and may I reflect Your goodness, patience, kindness, to all I come in contact with. Bless me with Your presence today Lord...

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