Thursday, March 13, 2014

March Lioness

Every season has it's special moments in time that are inscribed into my memory.
But March has special meaning and purpose in my life. Many "firsts" have occurred in March.
Don't worry, I won't bore you with the list-this time.

It was also in March, 2011, that I flew to China to bring home a teenage daughter,  Arielle.

On the Great Wall

The trip I had was pretty horrible. I got off the plane sick and was sick the entire time. I lost almost 15 pounds in 2 weeks! I thought I had parasites but I think it was a combination of nerves, homesickness, and the food change. But the biggest factor affecting my stomach was meeting my daughter for the first time, it was a tremendous challenge for me.

There were no "warm fuzzies".  Reality was just too much to accept at the time. Creating a new normal was now vital to our whole family... and it didn't happen overnight.
This was the coolest zoo I've ever been to... Guangzhou

Our daughter was nothing we expected. I'm not sure what we expected. And I'm sure we were not the family she expected either. We were all in shock for awhile. But Brad and I were certain that God lead us to our beautiful daughter. One day, with Arielle's permission and input, I want to tell our story. And I can't wait to hear her version!
Today, she is one of the most beautiful young women I know. And her bravery outshines any glimmer of courage I may have lurking inside myself. She is a warrior! Her name, Arielle, means Lioness of God... and she certainly lives up to the "Lioness" part :) She has come through tremendous change and difficulties in her young life, and she still smiles. She is driven to do the right thing. She is helpful, kind, and has a servant's heart. Much more then I do.

I've learned from her.

And her love and loyalty for family is something I rarely see in someone her age. She knows what having a family is. How important it is. At one time it was almost too late for her to have one...

I'm so proud of Arielle, she is transforming into who she is. I'm thankful to God for sending me halfway around the world to bring her home. I'm thankful that He saw who she was before anyone else did. I'm thankful that He choose our family to love her unconditionally, and He's not through with us all yet.

Older child adoption is the biggest challenge I ever endured. Can't say it's all rosy, but I can say we are blessed by it!

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Kathy C. said...

I hope you will share your story one day. I know there were many challenges at first. Tough dealing with teen issues without speaking the same language!