Saturday, April 26, 2014

April Happenings! And a New Daughter!

Time for a new post! Spring is here and our family is going through some major changes!
The best and most exciting "spring thing" announcement is our newest daughter
Our Beautiful Guangdong Angel

 She has Thalassemia Major, an inherited blood disorder that effects her body's ability to produce normal red blood cells. We are excited and anxious to get her home, praying for her everyday! Currently there is a blood shortage in China, and since she needs to be transfused monthly, we are praying for her health, protection, and that the paperwork will fly by quickly! As well and the finances to fall into place without delay. I do have a few ideas for fundraisers. More on that later...

I found this photo on another family blog who met her in January. Love the red coat!!! I think she's a girly girl!!! still my heart.....
I can see she is well taken care of, for this I am thankful <3
The family said that she seemed very smart too :)

She weighed about 30 lbs and is 37 inches tall at the end of December. This puts her in the 3rd percentile on US growth charts... Yay! she's on the growth chart lol! Some of these kids are so tiny they don't even make it on the charts.

It will take about a year to bring her home.

In other news...

Easter was here and gone in a flash! Asher was admitted for fevers twice this month. Just before Easter... He was only there a few days each time but it was a bit stressful and very exhausting. He started out with strep and then tonsillitis.

So preparing for Easter just did not happen. No new dress, no grand dinner. In fact, Asher and I did not even make it to church. It did give me ample time to reflect on how blessed we truly are. How blessed I am, and how thankful I am that Jesus has called me to be mom of some really awesome kids and wife to the most wonderful man in the whole world.

We did have a lunch for family and an egg hunt for the kids Saturday before Easter.

The Egg Hunters! We color coded Eggs this year. The big kid (Arielle) had an difficult time and we still can't find 2 of the eggs LOL! Next year maybe we will use a GPS to find eggs!

Grandson Levi stopping for a smile :)
Arielle joins in too!
 This is our nephew, he, his sister, and Grand-mom Bert came for lunch-the can he has is silly string. It's been a tradition now for a couple years to have silly string fights after hunting for eggs!


Son in law duck man

Lovely daughter in law

Grandbaby Moo
Niece and Princess
We also celebrated our daughter Lauren's 29th birthday with cake and candles...
 Easter Morning, only Dad Evan and Arielle made it to Church.
And we didn't get to color the eggs until Easter day... but that's ok, it was fun anyway!

Love This! Brothers!



Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Rare Nice March Day

Although it's April, and spring weather has arrived, I'm finally posting  photos of a rare, semi-warm day in March. The Philadelphia Zoo...We plan to go back in a few weeks when spring is in bloom.
There is so much about the Philadelphia Zoo that brings back memories, like the rare mammal house. I remember this place 25 years ago when we would take my oldest baby girl Amy. Now she brings her own babies... oh how the years slip by quickly! Here she is with Daddy and Moo.
The reptile house also has not changed one bit. Still holds that fascination complete with scales, green skin, and slimy stuff...
They look miserable but are having fun, really! haha! Evan and Levi are too cool to let you know that they are actually having fun! lol!
One area that has changed is the Wild Cat area. There used to be small, lined up cages. Of course, I'm thinking about it as a first grader, 45 years ago. Zoo "philosophy" in general has changed since then. It was sad. You could see the big cats outside as well as inside, depending on where they were on that day. It was especially fun when the lions would roar inside the building. It echoed throughout the large, smelly cinder block building reverberating off the walls. Exciting for a first grader!
Now the area is dubbed "Wild Cat Falls" and the Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, etc.,  have a little more freedom to roam open areas... And they are making more changes. They are building a series of bridges/trails throughout the park to allow the wild animals, including the big cats, to walk above pedestrians in open air caged trails. I've never seen anything like it anywhere else-apparently the first of it's kind. It's called Zoo360 Exploration Trails. Here's some info on what they are doing... Zoo360
 Asher and Levi are making cards for the zoo's two newest cat members.

Best Buddies in the Primate Reserve!
And a couple of the cutest primates I know!
Wild Times!
Getting a bit tired and chilly as the day was ending and the sun began to go down.
And the next time I post from the zoo spring will be in full Bloom!!!
Favorite Photo of the day!
Bye Moo! Bye PopPop!