Saturday, June 21, 2014

A multitude of photos of the young Princess

We got a multitude of Photos yesterday from China!
 Last week, we sent a birthday cake to Elizabeth, although it was not her birthday.
 Because it's never a bad time to celebrate!
 And although we could not be there for her 5th birthday this year...
 I'm praying she can spend her sixth birthday with her new family!
 That would be mighty difficult, but with God all things are possible!
 Her next birthday is March 8th and...
 I am certain in this photo she is wishing and praying that she will be HOME soon! 
 "Dear Jesus, please send me quickly to my Mama and BaBa and Brothers and Sisiters..."
And with that she shares her cake with her friends!
I would love to know who the two sweethearts are with her.  
 And the young lady to appears to really care about our young princess!

 All snuggle loved up!
 So sweet! can they come visit us!
 Never get between a girl and her cake! I think she will fit right in here!
 Happy belated Birthday baby!
 We are working and praying hard to get you HOME!

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