Thursday, June 12, 2014

Disney Fun!

 Late last summer, Asher went into the hospital for a sickle cell complication called acute chest syndrome. It was serious and at one point he only had about 85% of his lung function I think... it may have been worse but the details are sketchy now. While there, the pain was so intense for him that his blood pressure sky rocketed! The pain lead to seizures. We found out he probably had an underlying bp problem for several months... I felt like a mommy failure, how could I not know! I did see signs, but didn't connect it to high bp. He was in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks, most of it was ICU.

I have never seen Asher so helpless and sick. I had moments I thought he wouldn't make it. But the Lord reassured me. It wasn't his time to leave this earth.
A rare smile after he peed on the nurse :)
 The whole event took a toll on us all. In fact, we were getting a bit tired of life. Along with multiple hospitalizations, Brad had been laid off from his job the year before and was out of work for several months.


He took an awful job making far less then our budget allowed... it didn't even pay our mortgage. We were tired. We were weary but Brad and I also knew we were blessed so we had to make a choice to praise God. Throughout the year, and even during Asher's crisis in ICU, we CHOSE to praise God. 

As Asher began to miraculously bounce back, we talked about taking the kids to Disney. Asher had about 14 hospital admissions and I knew he would most likely be eligible for Make a Wish. 

But I didn't want him to use a wish yet...You only get one wish a lifetime. Asher will have sickle cell disease all his life. He may need/want that "wish" when he's a bit older. When he understands more about it and how he can wish for anything- something totally for HIMSELF. 

So I began to pray that God would make a way for our family to go without contacting Make a Wish. 2 months later, Brad got the job we were waiting for! The one that pays the bills! And that same job needed him to work OT during the month of January. A LOT of OT! It paid for Disney :) So we booked that trip in March... btw, this all took place BEFORE we realized we were adopting again. Not sure we would have gone to Disney... but we did and we were so blessed!
Our Vacation was in May! And the weather was perfect! 

Best Buddies!
 The best part about this amazing trip was that my Grandsons Levi and Micah, and daughter Amy and Son-in-Law David went too!
The first night set the tone for the whole trip. We saw the fireworks and the Electric Parade and it was a blast to see it all through the eyes of the kids... I teared up during the parade!

Simply adorable!

The Castle of course!

Breakfast with Pooh! I look at this and there is definitely room for another little girl!!! Can you see where she fits in?

Piglet was a hit!
Flannery clan minus Taylor

Early Parade

Following the Parade
This will go on our 2014 Christmas Ornament this year!

We had met with Mickey and many of his friends!

And enjoyed every minute of the hot weather lol! Especially after the 1000 inches of snow in NJ last winter ... ok maybe not that much, but it felt like it!

A Jedi apprentice... Padawan Asher was very serious about his training! He was looking at Darth Vader.

Not sure what Padawan Levi is thinking... looks a little nervous. He was about to go up against DV as well.

And Padawan Evan appears to be ready for the showdown with the enemy!
  Here they Go!!!

And we had lots of fun on the rides!

And swimming at the amazing Riverside Pool!

Animal Kingdom...

 Arielle with Mary Poppins!
spit spot!

China at Epcot!

Most of the time we had Asher in a wheelchair so he wouldn't get too tired! It was the best idea. And we made sure he got in bed at a decent hour... that was hard but we did it!
Animal Kingdom
Amy Lynn and Levi at night

Love the Hulk Shirt! lol

And how can you not love this!!!
This trip was one I will remember forever. The look on all the kids faces! All the "first times"... it was wonderful and I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to go on this trip and be together and laugh and just have fun. We all became ill with a virus on the way home. Asher developed a fever and 2 days after we got home he was admitted... we are thankful it didn't happen in Disney. God was watching over us the whole time. We could have done without the virus, but this vacation was very much needed and we had good family bonding time... I wouldn't change for the world. And I'm praying we will do it again someday!

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