Sunday, July 13, 2014

On a hike!

It's been a while since we went on a family hike. So I drug the family out for exercise this past weekend.
 We went to a state park in south eastern PA... about an hour away.

It was HOT and HUMID but we brought plenty of water and even a few snacks. There were a few complainers; but as I said, it was very humid. 

The path was pretty darn easy, at first.

As time passed the kids started to get into it. We have hiked before but since Asher and Arielle have come home we haven't done as much. So this was a bit of a test of endurance for them :) Our last hikes were not always successful but we are all a bit older and a bit more mature now. You can learn a lot about yourself during one of these journeys... and there are some interesting sights along the way if you choose to "see"...

The hike started out on a level path, wide and nicely level. Little or no obstacles. We then had to choose from that "easy" path which way to go as it took us to a crossroad. So I let the kids choose...they chose a path that went up a rolling hillside and was very became narrow. Praise God for trees! We had no idea where we were going.

As the path became more narrow, fallen trees were down from a recent storm. I said "lets go back" because there was really no way around them. But they wanted to continue.

So Brad led them through the trees and brush and on we went.

I'm pretty proud of these guys because all complaining stopped as they became more aware of their surroundings. I didn't even prompt that, it just happened. I am convinced we need to do this more because I think they learned so much just walking. Like being aware of their feet or they could roll down the side of a hill, or tripping over a rock or branch. Keeping an eye out for one another and learning to think outside of their own personal wants and needs; ie. being considerate not to let go of the branch your holding back so it doesn't hit the person behind you. It may seem silly, but that's a big deal when your 7 or 8.
And how about that large muscle development! And balance! I have a few kids that need a bit of help in that area :)

And the most pleasant surprise is what we found! The road was rough, but this cool refreshing creek made it worthwhile... my grandson Levi LOVED this place LOL! It was fun to see him put his feet in the water! But Arielle was the first to test the waters. 

Then she assisted the little guys out onto the slippery rocks to dip their feet in...

(below)This was right before Levi (middle) fell in... Oooppps! But it was close to 90 degrees so who cares! Should have taken a picture!  
Asher only poked his toes in, the water was a wee too cold. There were plenty of rocks to stand on. Evan stayed on land haha, my "saftey first" child.

After our refreshing encounter we hiked back up to this...

And this...

Yes it was hot, humid, and most people probably would have been headed to the beach, but I think I have a months worth of devotional lessons from our little hike.

And that just makes it all perfect! Can't wait to do it again... Something a little more challenging. Maybe head to Jim Thorpe next!

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