Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Dossier!

 It's crazy to think about and time and effort that goes into this paperwork. But really it's just multiple pieces of paper with signatures on it.

Here's my filing system :)

All notarized and ready to go for State Authentication. Minus the homestudy. That will be added very soon!

The turn around should be pretty quick unless something get's lost or done wrong... After it gets Authenticated by the state, it will go to the Chinese Embassy for Chinese Authentication.

Once we get a copy of our completed homestudy, we will send it along with our application to immigration to ask for permission to bring our daughter home... they will fingerprint us, again... and once we get "provisional approval" we will have that approval form notarized, authenticated, etc, as fast as we can move it.  Then the whole thing goes to China and we wait for them to do their part of the process...

I'm ready to bring this baby girl home. I hate paperwork and I'm not good at it. I swear every time I do this I will never do it again. That makes me laugh LOL!

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