Sunday, August 24, 2014

Forever Family Heart!

Such an attractive photo of Chinese food!
Evan's 8th anniversary for Forever Family Day!
I know this has been on FB, but for the record of my diary I wanted to share it here too. This year, I really wanted the kids to know how important it is that they are part of our family.
So Chinese food of Evan's choosing was on the menu...
 As well as a marathon game of Monopoly Star Wars that has taken 3 days to finish! and we aren't exactly finished yet! But most important of all, we all just wanted to be together. These are cherished moments we are experiencing, and I know all too well that someday it will be gone and they will be taking care of their own families, just as our eldest children are. So I'll take it anyway, or anytime I can get it. 
They grow up too fast! 

Evan's adoption paved the way for Asher and Arielle to come home. It took the fear out of it all. We never expected to adopt 2 more times after Evan... and now working on the fourth! But God moved in our hearts and opened our eyes to the orphan. His heart for the orphan is huge! And spreading awareness about the thousands of orphaned children worldwide is the main goal and purpose of this blog. So as we celebrate Evan's homecoming, we continue to be moved for those who are still left behind. 
God you are a Faithful Father. You never leave or forsake Your children, You promised! Be with us as we set out on a new journey, one that takes us beyond our comfort zone, beyond what the eyes can see. One that ventures into the very heart of our Father God. So that when we stand before You, we will hear You say, "well done good and faithful servent"...

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