Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Wild Day

I posted some of these photos on our homeschool blog but wanted to post a few of my favorites. 
We love the Cape May Zoo. It's FREE too!!!

During the spring and fall I try to spend as many days as possible going to the zoo, aquarium, anywhere outside. It's good exercise! 

And this September is perfect for going outside!

And the Zoo is always educational, right?

Were you aware that there are rattlesnakes in NJ? I was not, and I lived here all my life... look at the snake in the upper right hand corner. That is a Timber Rattlesnake!

Fortunately there aren't any of these freely roaming our coastal waterways!

The reptile house is my favorite at the Cape May Zoo.


He's cute too!

I think I'll just have to do this every months until it gets too cold! Did you know that the CM Zoo is building a new snow leopard exhibit? And that there is a new baby girl giraffe? Born Sept 2!

Until the next time :)

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