Friday, September 26, 2014

Just a Friday Night Post

All I want is my little girl in my arms. I'm ready. Our paperwork is prayerfully on it's way to getting authenticated. Not sure we will have it back by next Friday, but a mom can pray...

Thinking about her getting a transfusion (and everything else!) without me... 
or not getting one when she needs it, makes me a bit batty. 

Life is rather good right now at home. Quite mellow. School is going well, life is going well. I was just talking to the kids the other day about possible "responses" from Elizabeth when she comes home. I want them to be prepared. I told them to prepare for the worse, and pray for the best. Not sure how much "faith" is in that but it's realistic. 

I pray for faith...

As well strength, and good health, and to hear Him clearly... just to name a few things I need.

But right now I just want, and need, to REST in His goodness. Knowing He is in control. Knowing He has this, and has had it all along. 


Good Night

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Kathy C. said...

Hope it goes quickly for you.