Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Just a little walk...

 I love our times this summer just walking in the woods. It's been fun. And the kids really like it. Asher just asked me today if we could go hiking. Recently we took a little hike through Brandywine Creek State Park. We had been fingerprinted earlier that morning and dropped part of our dossier off at our agency. We thought we would make a family day of it :)

 Here are the youngins being silly!
And the Daddy being a Dad. It was a perfect day!
 Photo-bombing has become a favorite past-time of Evans. And Asher too!

This is mid bomb! Look how nice Arielle and Asher are sitting.
 I wonder what she is thinking... perhaps the coming school year and all she is going to learn! Perhaps she is envisioning her future with an education and a drivers license and how far she can go!


Probably dumplings!
 More sillies! He is pondering dumplings as well... or maybe pork fried rice, or better yet...


Evan is doing most of his schoolwork online this year... mixing it with some really good books. And going to work on some cool projects that I haven't come up with yet. LOL! And of course

 And I haven't seen this kid so full of energy in over a year! I'm am so glad we got him back. I mean, we didn't actually lose him, but we did. He just wasn't here after last years emergency with ACS and seizures. He was better last fall, but then after Christmas seemed to drift away from us, always in a state of confusion, and often seemed depressed.

Not Now!

After his transfusion a couple weeks ago, he is packed with energy! And this past summer he is definitely thinking better.

I can't wait to start with his new language arts. It's multisensory and I think Asher will love it!

 And here's the token photo of mom and dad!

I love my husband, he was so tired and he still went out with us because he's a great man!

You can't really see how steep this hill was in this photo but look at their faces haha!

We all slept pretty well that night! Especially Brad!

And that's where I'm going now. Good night.

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