Friday, October 31, 2014

Fall, I guess you are welcome...

I have to admit, I wasn't ready to give up summer this year. Well, every year I have trouble letting go but usually by October I'm in full fall swing. Not this year. It's almost November and I'm just realizing warm temps are a thing of the past.
But life is too short, so I have pushed myself to do all the "fally" stuff! And it has been fun...
 My grandbaby Micah is getting so big. These moments with him will be gone in the blink of an eye. I know too well how quickly these days disappear. Lord help me to treasure each moment we have.
And I am determined to make this kid a Thomas the Tank Engine Fan!!!


I have to say that these these guys are having a wonderful fall! A leap in maturity, and good health!
Praising God!

 Been trying to make Art a priority this fall. Asher thrives while creating. And Evan needs only a nudge, then he takes off. Now to get Levi involved. We need to work on those fine motor skills :)
And as for this girl... Wow! We hardly see that same kid that came to the USA 3 1/2 years ago. She's becoming a considerate, compassionate, kind, patient, beautiful, polite... young woman. She's the most helpful person I have ever known. I mean that. I am amazed at her transformation. And I know it's God.
Arielle started going to a Chinese Church in Cherry Hill for Friday night youth group a little over a month ago. She is thriving! Right now she is part of an outreach for Chinese international students.
We've had long walks in the woods...


And Pumpkin Picking Fun!

We picked the perfect pumpkin... and named it!
"Jack the Amazing Big Bertha Pumpkin"
We also went to the Zoo... I hate to see a beautiful sunny fall day wasted on staying indoors. Fieldtrip!

Gourmet Lunch!
till the next post.... November!

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