Friday, December 5, 2014

Family update

November was here and now it's gone! 

This adoption is very different from our others. The days seem to be flying by since the beginning of November... I almost wish they would slow down just a little.  God's hand is all over this adoption.  He continues to reveal Himself again and again. 
Elizabeth - God is a Vow.

We are waiting for our Letter of Acceptance (LOA). Day 50 already! 


And I am hopeful that we will have it soon. Maybe this week. My FB friend is in match/review this week after 54 days! So I'm hopeful!

I wish that Liz were home already, but I know she will be in our Arms soon enough. Arielle is excited that she will be going to China with me. She is excited about a little sister. Next week we hope to get her passport. 

My prayer is that we will get our LOA soon so we can plan travel during Arielle's school spring break. Her minor surgery was rescheduled for January and she will most likely need about a week off. China is an exhausting 2 week trip. The Jet lag alone is terrible and couple that with a possible scared, crying, non-sleeping 6 year old and you have TIRED family members. We really have no idea what to expect. But I'm preparing her for a less-than-perfect senario.

Enjoy the November photo highlights :)
David and Asher's birthday... obviously David is not 8 and Asher is not 40 lol!

Micah felt left out and wanted to be part of the action.

Perler Beads are awesome and provide hours of quiet entertainment! Get some!
 If these boys will sit still for them, any child will.

Thanksgiving with family and friends... this is most of us.

Micah decided the stickers look better on him.

My son Bradley, DIL Melissa, and her Mom and Dad, Rick & Terry

Our Kids, Grands, and spouses

My beautiful Mother

All of us and My Mom and Step Dad <3

Now on to Christmas!

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Kathy C. said...

Beautiful family--and it will only get more so with your new one's arrival.