Friday, December 26, 2014

Making Memories

A blessed Christmas! I say it every year, and it's true.
Memories Made!

Filled with Family Friends and Cookies

Watching my kids grow and mature... 

...becoming who they are. 
It's sometimes hard to see the progress we have made together when living day to day.
 But when we look back to Christmas' past, I can see the leaps in maturity, growth, and it's all by God's hand! 
Cookies and Milk for Santa... and carrots and celery for the raindeer

I think of the year 2011 specifically... WoW have things changed!

But there are some things that haven't changed. Good things.
Brad is still the love of my life...

We still do our family traditions, like lighting advent candles and our 
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Christmas morning.

We still try to spoil our kids, just a little, on Christmas morning. We can't always buy expensive gifts but we do what we can, when we can. They have been through a lot, at least the younger crew, and they deserve some spoiling sometimes.
 And I never get tired of their excited faces! NEVER!
 NEVER! Worth every minute of preparation.
 Our home feels smaller and smaller every year... this truly makes me cry happy tears every time I think about it. Surrounded by so much love. 
 So Much Love
 And even when I don't see the ones I love as much as I would like to, 
I know that on Christmas I will!

 And we all will spend a moment making memories.

 I'm often reminded when I watch the kids play with their new toys that little boys like dolls and little girls play with cars and teenagers are really just kids in almost grown-up bodies.

Love you Mom, thank you for bearing the brunt of holidays as a single mom and making Christmas magic!

Grandsons! Seeing them smile! Priceless.

Amy, Lauren, and Bradley... The original pose'. Oh how I wish there were online journals in those days...heck, we didn't even own a computer. Many of the traditions we still hold today began when you were little. Here's to new traditions and new family members!
Bradley and Melissa

Lauren and Mike
Here's to football :)
Amy and David(below) 

 ...even when you're not Eagles Fans!

Guess who the Eagles Fans are!
And never forgotten are all those who passed on before us. We miss you. Memories... it's those Christmas memories together that I remember the best. 

Things change. Onward and upward.

And Jesus is in the CENTER of it ALL... 

And, Lord willing, next year we will have even more to celebrate with! Yes, the house gets smaller every year! Love it!

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Kathy C. said...

Hope your little one is home soon.