Friday, January 30, 2015

Bring-me-some-good-news Tuesday!

 I'm pretty sure the longest month of the entire year is January. Not for the number of days, but for the number of days I spend dreaming of spring. I can't wait for Groundhog Day this coming Monday!!! Come on Punxsutawney Phil give me some hope for warmer days ahead! January's goal of keeping the boys busy and alive is always a challenge. They literally bounce off each other and every piece of furniture that gets in their way. And when the grand-boys are here, they do  the same! 

Bounce, Jump, Bang, Crash, Yell, repeat....over and over and over and over. I put games out where they can see them and art supplies, just to "encourage" them to stop moving. 

Warmer weather means more time OUTSIDE!

This Tuesday our Article 5 approval is scheduled for pick up. This is a letter from the US Central Authority that lets China know all the Hague requirements have been met and the US approves this adoption. Therefore, China can formally invite us to come! Travel Approval (TA)! Once the article 5 is received by CCCWA, we could have TA within a week. So we probably have less then 2 weeks for this .... oh my heart!

Therefore, this year amidst the bounce, jump, bang, crash, yell, I am fully engaged in preparations knowing I will soon be in China. 

We will soon be the parents of 7 kids. 

I am strangely calm, except for obsessively and compulsively checking my email. 

Check, refresh, check, refresh... until finally something comes in the form of adoption news! Email can be a dangerous thing for an expectant adoptive mother. Now, I'm sure YOU would not behave like this. You're much too busy and mature to get crazy about timelines and spreadsheets that some other OCD expectant mom (far worse them me-insert sarcasm) has created to ensure we have the exact dates paperwork may arrive at the appropriate office. And if it doesn't arrive on that predicted date.... the OCD email happens again! Sending emails and waiting for responses.
Our Poor Agency! Please forgive me! I'm thankful for our FB adoption groups. 
It gives a place to "vent" and connect with others on this journey to  Crazy ... I mean China :)
 And in the meantime I still need to get some home school done. Art this week. It was fun! We don't always do it but we (I) needed a break-to check email, of course. So during a snow day we got out the oil pastels. Listened to classical music, and tried to relax. 

This was supposed to be over a foot of snow.... silly weather people.... ooopsy
 The Governor declared a "state of emergency" for the entire state due to the impending blizzard :)
 It didn't come...
 But the kids had fun! Except maybe Arielle. (but she had fun too. For some reason she enjoys shoveling snow. Or maybe her enjoyment was the day off of school she had! Thanks Gov.)

So now I'm nearing the END of this Paperwork Pregnancy. Waiting for a delivery date. 

It's coming, soon. 

I know that God had lead us to this journey.  I'm curious as to what this will bring. And scared too. Things are going good here. 


Why would we "rock the boat"?

But there is a little girl on the other side of the world who needs a family. And for some reason God saw it fit for us to be that family. It doesn't matter what I think. All that matters is my obedience. 

Yes Lord, here I am. Use me. 

Abiding in Faith.

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Kathy C. said...

I know exactly what you mean about things are going good, why rock the boat. Rick and I had that talk a couple of days ago. But we are dead ended anyway. Sigh.