Monday, March 30, 2015

A Princess

To say that this child is an angel is an understatement. She's been quiet. Very quiet. But aware. 
Internet has been spotty and I am tired so I'll quickly update. 

We went to get Elizabeth about 3pm along with two other MAA families. 

I already posted photos and video on FB so I won't repeat those but here's a few others.

 We received the kids at the Civil Affairs office, She came right to me with a napkin clenched in her hand. I said "I'm Mama" and she got a silly grin on her face! Then came right to me! 
She is so aware of her surroundings. She kept looking over at a 2 year old friend of hers who was scared and crying. Seeing how upset she was when we all got into the van she eventually handed her that comfort napkin to wipe her face...such a compassionate heart she has. It was so sweet. Then she took it back haha. We still have it. (I remember Evan came with a bag of potato chips. I regretted throwing them away-this napkin with stay with us)
 She's a girl who likes accessories, Lots of them! She had every bracelet and hairband on that I brought! We need to shop! And the yard-sale Poly Pockets was a hit!!!
 Played for hours when we got back from eating.
 After a bath (she took the dolls in the tub) she princessed up in her tutu and new jammies and...
 .... played with those dolls a bit longer!
 An Angel.... she loves hugs and snuggles! And Arielle adores her!

Tomorrow is Adoption Day... When she becomes Elizabeth LongJu Fithian forever!

We are truly blessed to have such a treasure. A gift from God. I know that Jesus is doing a miracle through this one. She has a gentle spirit. And is smart too. I was counting her dolls and she finished counting for me... 

in English

I didn't expect that!

 More to come later....

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