Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ready or Not!

Bags are packed, well almost packed, except some sweatpants and shampoo we are still using. The house is still a mess but I plan to do that later... maybe. The boys are a mix of happy and sad, changing from minute to minute. Me too. 
I've checked that paperwork 102 times... and I still feel like I'm forgetting something. 

I have my pre-flight "headcold".

Elizabeth's bedroom is not done, but it's sleepable... I still need a night stand, and maybe a shelf for books and toys. And to finish putting up stars on the starry sky ceiling.

Thanks to awesome friends like Sue Dorrell and Bev Ferro she has a place to rest her head... with all her clothing in place!

A few pictures and decor on the walls and this room with be done. Maybe Liz can help, if she wants to. I wonder if she's ever had a room of her own. Probably not. Well, now she's a princess!

The men have bought their survival food, unsanctioned by mom. And they are very proud too! 

We have prayed, worshipped, thanked, and prayed again over and over and over... and continue without ceasing. Friends and family and even strangers (you know who you are) have supported us above and beyond the call of "duty". It has been an amazing journey so far that began 

One Year Ago

Almost exactly!

The first time we saw this face was March 21, 2014

We committed to adopt her April 12, 2014

And on March 31, 2015 Elizabeth will be a forever part of our family! Adoption Final!

And one thing is certain,

God ordained this adoption, He put it into motion and used many wonderful people to make this happen. My heart is full and I'm so excited to share our travels. 

In a few short days, this little girl, who has no family, and an 

"orphan status"

will be an orphan NO MORE! That is something to celebrate! Onward and Upward!


Denise Pettit said...

Have a Safe and Wonderful Journey getting your Elizabeth we got our Elizabeth from China 9.5 Years Ago This sure brings back memories have fun :)

Anonymous said...

So excited for you Terry and happy to follow along on your journey to bring your newest Sweet Pea home! Praying for safety and good health. Come home quickly, I know we've never met personally but I don't like it when my peeps are gone and I consider you all my peeps!
So with that said,
God's Blessing on all of you! I need a Kleenex! Lol:)

hollym. :)