Tuesday, April 26, 2016

changes are needed

I realized today that I need to make some changes. I've been nurturing some old ideas about life and success I thought I got rid of years ago. But here I am with that old stinkin' thinkin' that leads to "chasing after the wind". Time to move forward, onward, and upward, shaking off that crap that encumbers me. 
One thing I need to change is my idea about "comfort". I live a pretty comfortable life although I sometimes feel that green eyed monster of jealousy rise up when I see somebody else more "comfortable" than I am. Specifically, my dwelling, my home. I always wanted a large open home with manicured yard and everything NEW... new furniture, new appliances, new everything, NEW!!!  There is nothing wrong with having a big open home with everything new, except when it takes over your thoughts. When you start to believe you somehow deserve to have something better, bigger, nicer, you know, like that friend who has it ALL. How are they more deserving than me?  
This jealousy makes me feel alone with our choice to radically love an orphan. The decision we made to be a home and a family for the fatherless is not a choice most of our friends or family have made. Not to the point of sacrifice. But have we really sacrificed?

Everything we have, and everything we are belongs to HIM...

Reality, we sacrifice very little compared to what Christ has sacrificed for us. And the important thing is the four precious people we now call our children. It's been a journey. And it continues... AND they are worth far more than a new house with manicured lawn... Their value far surpasses my definition or my idea of success.

I'm better off with God's definition of BLESSED. That I am.