Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I am so proud of my kids, especially the four youngest of the Fithian tribe. We are overcoming great obstacles and reaching major milestones in 2016.

It's been a year of 


And one way I love to illustrate how much they have grown is to go on a hike. Each year at the start of our first hike I hear "it's too hot", "the bugs are biting me", "I hate the dirt", "I'm thirsty", "my feet hurt" etc. A lot of complaining! But once we get to where we are going everything changes. They feel "accomplished" and beg to do it again... Except Levi, my grandson, he let me know that he will hike maybe twice a year haha! Well, that's more than his mother. She has never been the hiking type :P But these hikes become learning lessons for us all. We start out slow, and what seems to have no point, end up somewhere cool, refreshing, and beautiful... all we have to do is persevere with the journey. 

PRE Hike lunch...

The cool shady forest stream makes is all worth it!

Lizzy finished Kindergarten, she loved it, and loved her teacher. I hesitated sending her but I think it was a great idea. At least for a time. She started in November, just in time for all the fun holiday activities. I had no expectations but due to some of the changes in the lives of the other kids, she was spared some of the tension in our home at the time... but that was last year, and much has changed.

I will home school Lizzy this coming school year. I can't think of a better way to solidify our bonding. We need connecting one on one. And since both boys will be in school in the fall, it'll be just me and my girly I can't wait <3
Learning about growing things... I'm always surprized a what Lizzy is still learning. The things a child typically learns at 3 or 4 are still things she is learning at 7! But she is like a sponge and is so smart! Easy to teach. 

Lizzy went to her first dance with her daddy... Her first DATE at the Butterfly Ball <3
 She insisted on wearing this dress. There are butterflies on it. lol

Arielle graduated high school. I think Arielle's growth has surprised me the most this past year. She had a spectacular year. She's in China right now, serving at a summer camp for lower income children  and children with special needs in China. It's been a challenge for her to recognized that adulthood has arrived but I think she is warming up to the idea now that she can see the possibilities.

Great Photo with a few of her teachers!

Grandmom and Pop-pop

Our little girl
 She's been with us for over 5 years... There were times I didn't think we would make it to this place but here we are! Now on to the next level. I'm expecting God to continue to work in her life because I have seen so many miracles with these kids... answered prayers. God is working. Now we pray for employment and a functioning car. 

I'm reminded of a post I wrote over two years ago. MARCH LIONESS
God was at work then, and is still at work in her life now. 
There are times I feel so burdened but then I'm reminded how faithful HE has been.

And in other news...

Only a year ago, Evan was absolutely opposed to going to school. Problem was, he was opposed to doing any school. He became more and more difficult and fearful leaving the house. We prayed and prayed and God lead us to Ambassador Christian Academy. WHAT A BLESSING! They prayed for him and it shows. They were ready. And so was he when he walked through those doors in April. We started him in April to try and prepare him for the coming school year. 

What a great, God ordained idea! I still can't get over how he just jumped in and didn't look back. He was afraid of EVERYTHING, and now he is overcoming ALL these fears. I am so proud of this one. I know God is a miracle worker because I thought for sure he was headed down a long road of fear and anxiety. But GOD!
Evan with his teacher <3
Fifth Grade here he comes!!!

And Finally Asher... He started school in February. I cried when I sent him. We've been through so much together. He is so yielding and sweet and loving. An amazing spirit. What a blessing he is to my heart. He is never short on I love you Mom's or hugs and kisses. He is obedient and always ready to help. No matter what! But he struggles so hard with reading, and learning in general. He is dyslexic. And this does not just affect his reading, but math, organization, directionally, etc. He's always been a late bloomer, but I was finding that he felt more and more stupid as he tried to keep up with other kids his own age. There are memory lapses as well. He has stroke in his past, along with other severe sickle cell complications that have affected him. 

But he is an OVERCOMER. God has a plan for him. He told me once that he wants to tell children all over the world about Jesus... I believe he will!
After much much prayer we enrolled him in public school. And I continued to pray for a tutor that could teach him to read using the Orton-Gillingham method. A method proven to work for dyslexia! Unfortunitely, our district does not use this method yet. What a sad blow against hope here. BUT... 

God came through once again


He is going into 4th grade in September... and who is the 4th grade special ed teacher here at his new school??? Not only is she a believer in Jesus (another answered prayer!), she is also Orton-Gillingham certified! And now she is Asher's tutor. So Yes, he will be going into forth grade, and I could not be happier with this outcome. The plan is to continue to send him to this district at least 2 years-as long as Mrs T is his teacher. And I would LOVE for her to tutor him as long as he needs it and she is willing, 
she's hired! 

And I will end with photos of our little spontaneous trip to Williamsburg... God Bless.

Dinner Theater at Shields Tavern in Williamsburg

Dinner in the Basement

Disobedient Children

The little one too!

Ghost Walk... Boo!

Chesapeake Bay

From our tribe to yours...God Bless <3