Saturday, October 1, 2016

Summer Gone...

Summer, I can't believe you are gone. Why did you race by so fast? I wasn't finish with you yet! Although, we did some pretty awesome things together, and memories where made, you obviously moved on. 

You're absence reminds me that life moments together need to be lived and loved hard.
And husbands, moms, friends, etc, need to be held close and loved hard.

And those noisy, sometimes annoying, littles need to be chased down and heart hugged and loved hard... 
because the moment you get busy and look away, those used-to-be littles enter the world of adolescence and will begin to run somewhere else...
 and that same "too busy" moment you thought you could make up later, never comes. 

So thank you summer for these moments. 

I pray during this new emerging season we don't miss those new moments to live, hug, and love hard, make new friendships, and enjoy the fresh opportunities to make lifetime memories. 

OC 2016

Can't believe Micah is 4.... my love

2 more Loves... Poppop and Aaron

In desperate need of a real pool!

Asher made a wish and Make A Wish granted it! A brand new heated pool! 

Family Vacation to Myrtle Beach!

Me and my girls!

Mom and Jim, so glad they came too!

The newest beach baby Benjamin!

They look so grown up!

Two of my beautiful daughters
Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe

Building their own remote control cars

Doing "Princess" right!

A spontaneous trip to Monticello

My Love

Crazy Crew

Mr Jefferson with some of my favorite peeps

Sporting her birthday bunny slippers

Happy Birthday to amazing Arielle

First Day of School for Asher 2016

First Day of School for Evan too!

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