Sunday, November 20, 2016

New Season

We are heading into a new season, already. Officially the winter season doesn't begin until December something, but Thanksgiving is this week and then fast-forward to Christmas... 

Life seasons have changed as well, haven't they? 


God is Good <3

As believers, we say it all the time, but do we truly believe He is good? I've questioned all the "bad" going on around me, everyday, worldwide. And the innocent suffering troubles me most - why does it happen? I don't believe God damns an innocent individual, regardless of race or religion or sex etc. But this world and the sin that often encompasses free will, was damned at the fall of man.

One Choice

One poor choice

that continues to ring through-out time, has planted a seed of death. But...

God is Good <3
And He is Eternal

I tend to view life through my limited fleshly existence. In order for me to see anything deeper I need to get beyond my flesh, beyond the demands on my life. Beyond aches and pains, Beyond all that is temporary. And focus on the Jesus part of my being

My spirit.

And since the world is perishing all that is in the world is perishing with it. So my choice, everyday, is to choose Jesus, choose righteousness, choose good works - to be the 

Hands and Feet of Jesus

And to clothe myself in His Glory!

I still don't understand suffering but I know this life is all but a "spit in the ocean" compared to eternity. It doesn't last. Until the day of my final breath I will work to make someone else's life less painful, less hurtful, less unbearable, in the Name of Jesus. And only by His Name can I do it.

Make me a vessel, a container to fill
And pour into me Your Holy Will
Overflow, flood, Your Oil and Wine
May it flow into others and pass across time
Pierce into the heart what is strange and absurd
Your anointing, Your anointing, Your Holy Word

God You are everywhere - I pray Your Word reaches throughout the world, into the remote protected hearts of all men and women and children. Come Lord Jesus - pour out Your Spirit. Show us truth. Help Your church to release old ideas of men and religion and receive a fresh revelation of You.

God, You are good
And You are eternal

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