Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Night Post

Have you ever wanted to freeze a moment in time? I feel that way right now. Summer Friday nights in 2017 are going down in Fithian history as family pool nights. Maybe it's no big deal to most, but I know my heart will yearn for these treasured moments, as they fade like a vapor in the wind. So I'm documenting it. The smiles, the whines, the laughs, the fun! It will rush by so fast, replaced by the next necessary phase of life and growth. I'm surrounded by blessings in disguise and I'm now old enough to understand that I can't take it for granted. I think I took it all for granted in the past. And I regret that.  I feel this way when I'm with the grand-boys too. I treasure those moments more then anything. It all passes so fast. And I want something to hold on to.

So here I am journaling in my blog. Once again
Evan asked, "you have a blog?"   
me, "yes I have a blog"
Evan, "Who reads it"..... response... "lol me!"
It's hard to have anyone read your blog when you never write in it. 

I never write in my blog anymore. And I'm missing documenting all these moments in time. Like, look at this dog! Just a few months ago I could hold her in my arms and carry her from room to room... not any more! and she has lost her baby look. I love her so much. She's a handful but I love her. If I had a bigger yard I would get another one! Maybe next year! We have been praying about a move. Anyone want to buy a house?

 We've had birthdays and milestones and the end of school. 

And Arielle!!!

Arielle put on a dress! and is moving into her own apartment! It is bittersweet in my heart. The road was rocky at times, more then I'd like to talk about. But here we are on the other side. Completely. Moving day is tomorrow. She will only be a few towns away...

 And this young lady, I love her so much. She is a treasure. I pray for her heart. She's been with us for 2 years and still guards her heart. But she is so joyful. See's the silver lining in everything.

In Everything!

And here they are before the Daddy Daughter Ball 
She snuggles with Daddy, he reads to her every night. But to hear the words "I love you", and mean it from her heart is the what is most wanted, and needed, for all hearts involved.

She cherishes her Daddy, the day is coming, I know it!

Good night family