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Hello! I'm Terry from northeast USA, married to best friend Brad for 34 years. Thanks for visiting my blog journal! We're just a normal family (well, what is "normal" anyway?) who love the Lord and love each other. Some of us come from different parts of the world and are now connected together in one tribe... Our Family Tribe. Three were homegrown, and four brought into the fold through international adoption.

We home-school the youngest of our brood while juggling school, jobs, and a multitude of medically necessary procedures and appointments. Two of our precious tribe members were born with life threatening blood disorders. It gets hectic at times but to see them smile is like seeing the brilliance of God Almighty shine through their faces and it makes this crazy job worth it.  Within the smiles of this current brood I see HOPE triumph over those hard places.

The focus of this unique tribe is a calling burned upon our hearts...It's for the orphan ... "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves..." (Prov 31:8) And this includes helping impoverished families to stay together. We've seen first hand the primal wounds that are often left when children are permanently separated from their biological mothers. We want to be seed planters! Planting seeds of possibility in those who are also called to the orphan.   

At home we sometimes have drama because of those hard places, BUT I am a firm believer that God "restores what the locusts have eaten" (Joel 2). I've seen this too! 

Most of the time we just go through life in an everyday boring kinda way...But just so ya know, here is a run down of the rest of our family. 
We have 3 biological grown kids,  Amy, Lauren, and Bradley (33,30,29)...as well as an 11 year old son Evan, adopted from China, and a 9 year old son, Asher, adopted from Haiti. These to are best buds, along with Levi - he's my 10 year old grandson.  In 2011, we adopted a young teen from China ...Arielle who is now 19. She is a miracle in the making! Proof that God truly will "restore what the locust have eaten"... (Joel 2)

The newest blessing is 7 year old Elizabeth, also born in China. Home 2015

It's a gift to be surround with family. And to top it all off we just keep adding to it! Son-in-love David (married to Amy), who blessed us with grandbabies Levi (10), Moo (4), and new grandbaby Ben! Step-grand-daughter T (18), Daughter-in-love Melissa(married to Bradley), who blessed us with grandbaby Aaron (almost1)  Our Love Buckets are overflowing! :)

Thanks for joining our family tribe...It gets rocky sometimes, but this is home!

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